Throwback Thursday!!!!!!!!

Thin Love (Thin Love, #1)

Still loving Kona, and since we’re reading Thin and Thick Love here is our throwback review…

My last read of the year and I went out with a bang! 4.5 stars. Talk about emotional roller coaster. I feel exhausted and emotionally drained, but it was worth it. As I’ve stated before I hate 2nd chance love stories because the angst is unbearable most times. But this story was written in such a way that you could just enjoy the new love in Part 1. Part 2 was angsty but tolerable and I appreciated the author jumping right into the interactions of Kona and Kiera. An exceptional love story that I’m so glad I decided to read!!!!!!!!



Escaping Destiny (The Fae Chronicles, #3)

I’m sure Amelia Hutchins’ new hero in Playing with Monsters will be scrumptious, but no one will ever top MY Ryder. This #ThrowbackThursday is dedicated to Ryder and Syn.

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was amazing. Let me try to make some valid points. Paranormal is a fickle genre. The reader takes a huge gamble when reading this genre. The reason is the reader knows its a fantasy world and none of this is possible, but we take the chance on it to see if we can believe in the unbelievable for a few hours. Amelia Hutchins did just that, she made it impossible not to believe in the land of Faery. I experienced everything through syn and Ryder’s voices. It was an amazing experience. This story was an emotional ride. I was so upset with Ryder, but then I had to stop thinking like a human and join the land of Fairy. I understood him. I also want to appreciate the fact, that for once in a paranormal series we see tremendous character development in our heroine. We’re not only told Syn is bad ass, we witness it. She is beyond. She fights for what every woman wants. She is a warrior to the bone, I don’t think I’ve ever loved and respected a heroine as much as I do her. I love this series. I might write some more later, but I can’t focus right now. When is book 4 being released?! lol…
Ok I’m back, i had to comment on the beast. Can I have him? I mean he is hot…lol. Ristan is bae, Danu is unorthodox but i believe she genuinely loves syn, ristan, and faery. I love these characters and this series… Again when is book #4 coming out? Ms. Hutchins thank you for sharing your gift with the world. Wow, just amazing.

This is still a four star read and one of our favorite re-reads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Archer's Voice
Currently reading Ramsay, so its only right Mia Sheridan would be exhibited for #ThrowbackThursday…
This book was amazing. I loved this unique story. I’ve read books where the hero couldn’t speak, but their presence couldn’t command the pages like Archer’s.
I completely disregarded “the sign of love series” after I read Leo because the 2nd book was a POV novel and I hate those most of the time. But I recently read becoming Calder/Eden. And I absolutely loved them and their story. So I decided to read this and I’m glad because it is now on my favorites list!
This story had me swooning, crying, and falling in love. While reading this, I thought “this would be a great movie”. The setting, the haircut, the angst, the tears, the kisses, and Archer with that ax… Lol. I want to see it on screen.
Bree and Archer were beautifully damaged characters. They deserved so much after everything they had endured. This book offers a beautiful love story, with amazing characters. Read it!!!!!!!!
Still loving Archer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Heart Recaptured (Hades Hangmen, #2)

We miss Tillie!!!!!!! So we decided to post this review for Throwback Thursday!!!!!!!!!!!

I really love this series. I don’t normally read companion novels. But when I do its because I can’t get enough of the characters. And I can’t get enough of these characters or this plot.

This story was about Lilah, who saw beauty as a burden. I felt so bad for her. She was extremely screwed up. But her faith and Ky’s love saw her through. Kyler was amazing.
I am dying to know what happens in this story. The action is picking up. But I’m scared for whoever thinks they are strong enough to take on Flame…smh. What a mistake that’s going to be…lol.

I’m dying for Flame and Maddie’s story. This series is a must read.

This is going to be an amazing summer filled with TC!!!!!



Almost forgot to post because I can’t look away from Rider and Mallory in JLA’s new book The Problem With Forever

So of course today’s #ThrowbackThursday is brought to you by JLA, one of our favs. So here is our throwback review…



I kneWhite Hot Kiss by Jennifer L. Armentroutw I didn’t want to start this series because I would be stalking Jennifer Armentrout again. I read it because I was in a severe reading slump and I knew I could depend on this author to rescue me! And she did just that. What a wonderful read. Roth was the best part of this book. The wardens sucked and I didn’t really care for Layla. But she grew on me. Bambi rocked. I really enjoyed the world building. Zayne needs to be with Danika, Roth and Layla are my new favorite couple!


The Dead List by Jennifer L. Armentrout Since we’re dying for JLA’s new release on 5/17/16, we decided on this book for #ThrowbackThursday.

This was my 1st experience on Wattpad and I’m so glad I experienced it with one of my favorite authors. I loved this story and the anxiety it induced…lol. Maybe not the anxiety, but I loved the characters, plot, and romance. I wanted some more romance between Jensen and Ella. I still loved this book. I was in a rut, and when in a rut I can count on JLA to rescue me. Thanks JLA!!!!!!!!!!!


Insidious (Tales from the Dark Side, #1)

Since we’re reading #3 in the Infidelity Series by Aleatha Romig, we decided on this book for #ThrowbackThursday. We hope you enjoy this short review from 2014. It was the first time we had been Aleatha’d…

One of the best books I’ve read this year. I’m not big on suspense, but dang this was an awesome story. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. Between Travis, Brody, and Stewart I didn’t know who to believe. And I still don’t. The ending was like the series finale of Sopranos, it just ended with me like wait… What?! But even with the ending I don’t feel like the story was incomplete.
I smiled for at least ten minutes when I finished. I looked crazy, but felt so happy… Lol. Once I started this story I didn’t stop unti I was finished. What a ride!!!
This was a 5 star read for us!!!!!!!!!!