About Us

Natasha and Jasmine are cousins who were brought together by books. After years of a satellite relationship, only talking on holidays, they realized that they shared a love of books. Natasha first recommended Bitch by Deja King years ago. Jasmine read that book, but didn’t follow up. A couple years ago, at a family function, Natasha was off in a corner reading on her new kindle, and Jasmine begged for her kindle password so she could read too (she didn’t really have to beg, Natasha was low key searching for someone who understood her passion for books). Natasha recommended Sempre by J.M. Darhower. By the next morning, Jasmine was asking for something else to read. Natasha was shocked and excited; she had found her book soulmate. They read 7-10 stories a month, more if they find something amazing. They love stories about alpha males who have soft spots for their women.

We want to review books honestly, but we also need to talk about our favorite book boys. So please comment and join the conversation.

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Natasha : I’m a book boy slut, but I wasn’t always this way. I grew up reading Babysitter’s Club, Sweet Valley High, and Judy Blume. My reading tastes matured and I moved on to Bronte, Alice Walker , and Toni Morrison. My love for reading took a back burner while I was in nursing school. I started reading again a few years ago when I discovered the e-reader. And this is when I found myself in a never ending cycle of book boys. Even though I am married to a tattooed, mohawk wearing, alpha male, I. CAN. NOT. get enough of my book boys! #addictedtobookboys #nureslovetoreadscape

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Jasmine: I live for a good story. My husband knows that when I’m reading a book, he needs to find something else to do. I love all kinds of stories, happy, sad, angry, cliffhangers. I just need a strong connection, love or hate, no lukewarm. I don’t care if it has a happy ending as long as it makes sense. Reading is an escape, so I love to be immersed in a different world, in someone else’s life. I want to feel their pain, their happiness. I want to be so invested in characters that their laugh is mine and their tears are mine. #booksarelife

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