March 2017

How many times has Domenico Acerbi been crowned book boy of the month? I don’t know, but he has been crowned more than any other book boy. Dom gets better with every book. He has captured my heart and panties, (even if he doesn’t want them) and I’m positive he is not giving them back anytime soon. I absolutely love Dom. He is so calculated when it comes to killing. But if you want to see him become irrational and emotional, then add Seth to the equation. His love for Seth and their family is the only thing that makes him human. This book showed the lengths he would go to protect his family. And when he shouldered that huge burden for Seth, it showed us just how viscous he could be. There was just as much blood as there was love and I cried. Dom is def a level 3 book boy, as a matter of fact he has his own level. #level3 #levelDomenico


Our book boy of the month is once again Domenico Acerbi from Guns n Boys by K.A.Merikan. Dom is one book boy who steals our hearts and wets our panties every single time we read one of his stories. He is the ultimate alpha, but he ALWAYS puts his family first. He is sexy and so sweet. Plus, we got to see how possessive he is toward Seth and saw Dom lose his cool for once. Watching Dom go from a cold hearted killer to a sweet, gentle husband with immaculate style and grace will forever fascinate me. I LOVE Dom!! He is of course a #level3.