February 2016

Ok, so this month nearly incited a kindle cousins fight because we just couldn’t choose one, or we couldn’t choose the same book boy…

THE book boy of the month is Jackson, from the Jack and Jill Series by Jewel E. Ann. Jackson was amazing!! He was rough and gentle. He LOVED Jessica and loved Ryn for being her awkward self. He was sexy, strong, capable. He had tattoos and glasses and could play the piano… Not to mention his other “skills”. He could swim in my pond any day. Plus, he made her Pinterest house!!!!


Ha!!!!!! I have to agree Jackson was scrumptious. I will even let him play in my pond. But Luke is obviously THE book boy of the month. Luke gives this unconditional love that just makes Jessica feel totally accepted. Jessica was hard to love but Luke loved her like he was put on earth just for her. Dr. Jones was a no nonsense, rigid, argyle sock wearing cutie, but when he finally lost control it melted my heart. Luke’s love for her was exceptional, beautiful, and unforgettable. Luke stood up to Jackson for her!!!!!!!


He made her Pinterest house!!