April 2016


Emeric from Pam Godwin’s Dark Notes is the book boy of the month April 2016.

Emeric, Emeric, Emeric… I never thought I would find a book boy that excited me this much again, but several weeks and several books past Emeric and he is still on my mind. I’m like a fiend. I go back and read a few words for just a hit of Emeric. He is sexy, generous, and attentive. Plus, he’s dominant and protective in all the best ways. He is definitively a level 3 boy, no MAN. Emeric is without a doubt the best book boy of the year, thus far. I have a feeling I’m going to be chasing this high for a while. I LOVE Emeric and cannot get enough of him!!

#level3 #bookboylove #loveatfirstread


I have to agree with Jasmine, it was definitely #loveatfirstread. This was my first read in April and I knew before I finished, Emeric would be impossible to top. Gah!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is everything I need in a book boy. Protective, sexy, and dominant. Just writing this has me gazing longingly at my Kindle…lol. I pray we get another Emeric this year, because its too early in the year to start chasing a high. Emeric is a #level3 book boy.

#EmericIsEverything #amrereading