June 2016

Evan from How to Save a Life by Emma Scott is our book boy of the month for June. We started to read this book on June 28th and Evan swooped in and stole our hearts at the last minute. He was an extraordinary character. His heart was so pure and extremely lovable. His love for Jo was solid and unbreakable. His support and protection of Jo was swoon worthy. Evan always came back to Jo… the feels. Evan was a #level2, and I loved him so much.


What do I say about sweet, amazing Evan. He really came in at the very last minute and changed our month. He wasn’t the #level3 that I’ve been craving, but he was amazing anyway. He was caring and sweet, but also super protective of Jo. He loved her through everything and despite her flaws. He always came back to her. Evan was #level2 and I loved every moment.