July 2016


Our book boy for July is none other than Phil fuckin’ Devereaux from Nola’s Own! Phil possesses 2 of my favorite book boy characteristics! 1. He’s big! Tall and broad, he makes his 6 foot amazon feel petite and feminine. 2. He has looong hair. He had a man bun and beard before there were instagram and twitter groups to show them off in. He was big and strong, but wasn’t afraid to show his Kenna how much she meant to him. Phil fuckin’ Devereaux, obvious choice for July’s bb of the month!!


Phil was massive in size, presence, and heart. I absolutely adored him. He was erratic and completely out of control at times, but that’s what I loved about him. His love for Kenna made him lose all control. He was protective and sexy as hell. Too fuckin’ right Jasmine, Phil fuckin’ Devereaux , obvious choice for bb of the month!