October 2015

DomenicoDomenico from Guns N’ Boys by K.A. Merikan

Domenico is a Level 3 book boy. Yes, I know he would run from the thought of my breasts, but I don’t care.  He is a dominating, killer and absolutely perfect. But I love all the things that make him really him, his smoking, those fingertips, his hair, those eyes, his love for food, his suits, and his love for Seth. Dom is extremely disciplined, but all that goes out the window when it comes to Seth. Dom will do anything to keep and protect Seth. I love it and I. LOVE. DOM.


Only a Level 3 book boy can turn another strong top into a bottom. Domenico is always in control and has no problem taking what he wants. The combination of his soft hair (that always smells good) and his rough uneven fingertips is enough to make a girl wet, even if that would disgust him. He knows when to be rough and when to be soft. He is a machine and will do everything he can to protect what’s his.


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