March 2016


The book boy of the month is Rune from Tillie Cole’s A Thousand Boy Kisses.

Rune was beautiful inside and out. He was made to love Poppy. I can’t even describe the lengths he would go to make her happy. Rune was this brooding character, who was totally different with Poppy. Rune made everything better during their heartbreaking story. Rune and Poppy are on my forever favorite couples list…

Level 2


Rune, Rune, Rune… Rune was such a perfect book boy. He LIVED for Poppy. She was his everything and he made it abundantly clear. He was willing to do anything for Poppy. He had a limited time with her and made all her dreams come true. If only we all had a Rune in our lives, our hearts would burst!

level 2