September 2016



Natasha could not keep the cat in the bag, and I think based on my review, you all know, but… the book boy of September is of course Roman Leblanc from Retrieval by Aly Martinez.

When I tell you Roman drove me crazy, I am not exaggerating. He is the #level3 book boy that I have been craaavinggg. Yes, I turn into a immature teenager when I’m drooling over Roman. Yes, I need extra letters for you to understand how HOTTT this man is. Roman loved Lis with everything in him. Once he had the opportunity he CLAIMED her and did not let anything get between them, not even Lis’s attitude. I just want his hand in my hair, just once. Gah, SOOO HOTTT. Lis is an extremely strong character, but she melts when Roman goes #level3 on her, and I really don’t blame her. Not only is he hot, he’s also generous and tender. Plus, he’s capable. When things fell apart, Roman pulled them back together and held Lis together in the process. For his amazing body, his silver eyes, his ability to handle it all, and his hand in my…Lis’s hair, Roman is undeniably book boy of the month!


Soooo, I knew something was up when Jasmine was stalking me, and pressuring me to hurry up and read this book. I told the hubs she was losing her mind. But then Roman put his hand in Lis’ hair that first time and I. Got. It. I went crazy as well. Roman fought for his family. He was unapologetic and ruthless when it came to his love for Lis. I couldn’t get enough of him. He didn’t pussy foot around, and there were no questions when it came to what he wanted. How can you not fall for a man who lets you know exactly what he wants? Lis was a strong heroine, but when Roman let his plans be known, she had no choice but to get on board. He was so hawt. I mean I thought my kindle was going to catch on fire. We had no choice but to surrender September’s crown to Roman Leblanc. Swoon…