Sevynteen by Danielle James


I stalked Mizz James for this release! I couldn’t wait for it, but O. M. G. it was so worth the wait. Where do I begin? I’ll start with the plot. The plot was extremely current and executed to perfection. While the blurb had me anticipating drama, the early plot twist had me riveted. I had a definite, ‘WAYMENT WHAT?!’ moment and I enjoyed it tremendously. Mizz James’ ability to address social and current issues without saturation was appreciated. It was just enough realness with all the escapism I crave. The writing was exceptional. I can honestly say that no one writes sex scenes like Mizz James. The steam in her scenes heat my kindle up every. single. time. This was no exception, but the first sex scene in this book may have been one of, if not the HOTTEST scenes I’ve ever read. Wow, just wow! The characters were authentic, meaning they were living in spite of their insecurities, pain, and obstacles. Nero, Nero, Nero… I want more of him. This book was everything I wanted and needed. I love Mizz James’ books because I love supporting her as an AOC and she always gives me the stories I crave. I’m not the heart and flowers reader. I need taboo, darkness, and highly emotional reads. Mizz James delivers every single time.

5 stars




Sevens have always been harbingers of darkness in my life.
I should have known my world would fall apart on my seventeenth birthday.
Still, I never anticipated death, loneliness, and desperation would swallow me whole.
When I found him…I found an escape from the darkness.
He was my beam of light.
Then our worlds collided in a way I could have never predicted.
Everything came crashing down around us.
It was a hopeless mess.
But all I could see was the beauty. 


 When being with my wife was the loneliest point of my entire life
I knew my marriage was over.
Secrets and lies took root instead of love and trust.
It left me looking for some sort of closeness. Some sort of connection.
Then I found her.
She was trouble but she was an escape.
One I needed more than I realized.
When my troubled escape ended up moving into my house
she ruined my life…
In the best possible way.

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