Review: Rock F*ck Club by Michelle Mankin

10 cities in two weeks 10 famous rock stars

On my knees
Against the wall
On my tits
I don’t care. As long as I get the evidence to prove it.
Because I caught my former prick of a boyfriend from Heavy Metal Enthusiasts doing a groupie doggie style backstage on the night we were supposed to be celebrating our 1 year anniversary.
He told me I was too uptight.
Too vanilla.
Too boring.
So I got drunk with my bestie, Marsha West, the aspiring videographer. I ranted. I raved. I came up with a crazy idea.
What I didn’t know was that my best friend recorded me. Marsha put the video up on YouTube. It went viral with 10 million hits. Now I’ve got fans and sponsors offering me big bucks.
Rock stars are volunteering to be my f*ck buddy.
Hollywood is calling.
I get to choose which rock stars I want.
The stakes are high.
This sh*t just got real.
What could go wrong?

We had the privilege of meeting Michelle at #copanyc17 and this is my first read of hers. I was a little wary because I’m reading it following a highly anticipated 5 star read. The story did start off a little slow, but it turned out to be worth the build. I immediately felt connected with Raven and supported her RFC concept from the beginning. However, I had misgivings about Lucky just like she did. As I continued to read, I switched teams and fell in love with Lucky. He was sexy as hell with an accent. He was sweet and caring and super sensitive and protective. Oh, and his voice! Basically, Lucky was the PERFECT man. It was frustrating that it took Raven so long to figure it out. This story was all about Raven’s journey and at times it was dangerous, at times it was fun, at times it was awkward, and at times it was hot!! But, at the end of it all, it was Lucky!!

3.5 stars


Review: Breaking Giants by L.M. Halloran

Breaking Giants

A rockstar romance unlike any you’ve read before…
When I meet Julian Ashburn, the reclusive frontman of indie-rock legends Breaking Giants, I do what any sane woman would do. Embarrass myself, then insult him. Because you only live once, right?
Besides, keeping my distance from the enigmatic, songwriting genius is an act of self-preservation. Julian is dangerous—a pool of kerosine to my pyromaniac. I have a weakness for broken men.
But sometimes the stories we tell and the songs we sing—about family, love, and ourselves—have to be rewritten in order for us to grow. Call it Fate, or stars aligning, or cosmic accident, but I’m about to find out that of the two of us, Julian isn’t the broken one.
The greatest love songs break your heart.
If you’re lucky, they heal it, too.

**Given to us by author in exchange for honest review**

I was kind of skeptical when I picked this up. I had just finished a 5 star read and I wasn’t sure this book would cure my book hangover. I was  wrong sooo wrong. If you guys don’t know by now, I am addicted to rockstars. I. LOVE. THEM. I don’t read them often, because I don’t want these books to become boring. This book was anything but. Julian and Rose stole my heart during their first interaction. I thought it was instalove, even if it was, it wasn’t. If that makes any sense. The angst in this story drove me mad. I had whiplash from the ups and downs. Julian was so mysterious to me. Since this story is not told in dual POVs, he almost remained that way. I know I’m spoiled when it comes to dual POVs, so I didn’t hold that against this book. In all honesty it didn’t take anything from it. Now, back to Julian… I loved him. He was a sexy rockstar, of course I did. He was sweet , loyal, and kind of an asshole at times. Rose, Rose, Rose, I had to start a new list on Goodreads because of her… its title is, Girl Crush on the Heroine. Rose was everything I loved in an heroine. She was strong, brave, funny, confident, she was everything. She carried the story well. Through Rose’s strong voice, we got to know Julian. And I enjoyed it immensely. This was my 1st read from this author. I have definitely become a fan. I hope this is the start of a great relationship with Ms. L.M. Halloran. Jasmine has to read this one, but she’s tied up with another ARC.  What a great read. I mean, it rescued me from a severe book hangover. I owe it my life!

4 stars



Cover Reveal: Tangled Lies series by Pam Godwin

Coming Summer 2017

One is a Promise

Release Date: June 6, 2017
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One promise.
One forever.

One look and I knew Cole was mine. My dark rebel in leather. My powerhouse of passion, devastating smiles, and impulsiveness.
When his job sends him overseas, he promises to return to me.
A promise that’s destroyed in the most irrevocable way.

Two years later, an arrogant suit invades my heartbroken loneliness.

Clean-cut and stern, Trace is everything Cole wasn’t.
At first, he’s a job that will rescue my dance company. But as he intrudes on my life, our hostile relationship evolves.
He knows I’m still in love with Cole, but his dedication is my undoing.

Then a catastrophic moment changes everything.

Promises resurface.
Lies entangle.
And an impossible choice shatters my world.

I love two men, and I can only have one.

Two is a Lie

Release Date: July 11, 2017

Amazon | Other retailers | Goodreads

Two lies.
Two men who don’t share.

I never stopped loving Cole. Not when he left me. Not when he disappeared for three years. Not when he crashed back into my life in a violent explosion of testosterone and fury.
His sudden reappearance questions everything I thought I knew, including how I came to love another man.

Trace is an intoxicating breeze of seduction over ice. My rock. My second chance at forever.
And he’s committed to annihilating the competition.

The battle that ensues wrenches me back and forth between them.
Fighting and fucking.
Resisting and submitting.

Together, they entangle me in a web of lies, rivalry, and desire that weaves as deeply as their devotion to me.

I love two men, and if I can only have one, I choose none.

Three is a War

Release Date: August 29, 2017

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Three means war.
Three sides vying for forever.

My first love.
The bad boy with the dangerous smile and passionate temper draws attention like a lit fuse on dynamite. But his dark molten eyes spark only for me.

My second chance.
Over six feet of Norse god in a tailored suit, he calculates every move and seizes my hungry breaths with an iron fist.

The free-spirited dancer, torn between two men with no resolution in sight.
I tried leaving, staying, refusing, and surrendering.
What options do I have left?

I love two men, and I do the only thing I can. I fight.

Pam Godwin

Pam Godwin Books GrayScale

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author, Pam Godwin, lives in the Midwest with her husband, their two children, and a foulmouthed parrot. When she ran away, she traveled fourteen countries across five continents, attended three universities, and married the vocalist of her favorite rock band.


Java, tobacco, and dark romance novels are her favorite indulgences, and might be considered more unhealthy than her aversion to sleeping, eating meat, and dolls with blinking eyes.

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Other books by Pam Godwin

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Blog Tour!!!!! Damnable Grace…



“Well?” Ky asked.
Tanner ran his hand over his head. The brother hadn’t attended one of our cookouts or slutfests in weeks. Not that he ever entertained himself with sluts—still too hard for his piece of pussy down in Mexico. He’d been busy trying to track down Meister. Unlike most of the white-power shit Tanner and Tank grew up with, this Meister was untraceable and off the grid. As much of a computer whizz kid as Tanner was, Meister was proving to be one slippery fucking snake to pin down.
“Gotta be honest, I didn’t think I was anywhere close to finding anything on this prick.” Tanner nodded toward Tank. “We knew of him, of course. I knew he had dealings with my father and uncle, just never met him myself. He’s Aryan Brotherhood, but works closely with the Klan. And there’s nothing on him. No email traces, no invoices, no texts. Nothing.”
I gritted my teeth and glanced at Styx, who was listening closely. Ky wasn’t originally gonna tell the prez about the plan to get Phebe, because of his fucking wedding, but that didn’t last long. Styx knew something was up with his VP. He read him like I read Flame and Vike. So Ky fessed up, and Styx was all for the plan. He’d had to push his wedding back by a month anyhow to get the pastor Mae wanted to conduct the ceremony, so he had time to kill.
“But you found something?” Ky translated as Styx signed.
Tanner sighed, the black circles around his eyes showing how hard the brother had been working. “I got something.” He shook his head, and my blood ran cold. I knew whatever he had found wasn’t good.
Tanner opened the file in front of him and threw a photograph toward the prez. Styx looked at it, then gave it to Ky. “Some middle-of-nowhere ghost town?”
Ky passed the picture around. Vike handed it to me, and I studied it. It was an aerial shot, and the picture was grainy, but from what I could make out, it was just a huge piece of land scattered with decrepit old buildings.
I passed the picture along. “Fucker owns this?”
Tanner faced me. “Yeah, or at least his father did. He’s dead now, but the deeds are still in his father’s name. Been in the family for decades. Took me a while to trace it.” He shook his head. “Meister is notorious among the Klan. Right, Tank?”
“Yeah,” Tank agreed. “Never met him either, but we’d all heard of him. Prick has been mobilizing for years for the race war they think is coming. Real serious, Oklahoma-City-bomb shit. From what we’ve heard, the guy has a one-track mind when it comes to advancing the white race. You think Hitler was fucked up? Well, imagine if he had a kid who was one built motherfucker, with a fucking carbon copy of his psycho mind; and you’ve got Meister. Fucker ain’t even German. Just wishes he was, spouting German phrases around like he’s born and bred Berlin. Delusional asshole.”
“This ain’t gonna be easy,” Tanner finished, looking at me, Vike, Flame, Hush and Cowboy. It was the five of us who had agreed to go looking for Phebe. Hush and Cowboy nodded at me to let me know they were still in.
“So he’s in this ghost town?” Ky asked, translating Styx’s sign language again. “If so, we’ll all just go in and get him, make the fucker talk and tell us where he’s got Phebe.”
Tanner sat forward. “He ain’t just living in the ghost town or hiding out. That’s where he has his enterprise.”
“Enterprise?” Ky echoed. It was his own question this time.
Tanner nodded. “From what I can tell, it’s a fucking brothel. Members of the Aryan Brotherhood, Klan, or Klan sympathizers, can go there for a night or a few days at a time.” Tank shifted uncomfortably next to him. “Ain’t sure, but I’m thinking it ain’t just getting your dick sucked and fucked. It’ll be real fucked-up shit. If Meister’s reputation is anything to go by, we would be walking into an organized, armed hellhole.” Tanner’s eyes darkened. “I get the Klan has a reputation for being full of backward rednecks. I ain’t gonna lie—growing up, most of my father’s cronies were that way. Thick as fuck and couldn’t do shit without screwing it up. Skinheads, lower-ranked soldiers, you know?”
“But there were some members that weren’t,” Tank continued. He cast an embarrassed glance at Tanner. “We weren’t, for starters.”
Tanner nodded. “It’s not the norm, but some of us were good. Smart, strong fighters, or just outright fucking psychos. The skinheads and rednecks are the foot soldiers. The likes of us, the likes of Meister, are the fucking SS. The planners, leaders, the generals—the ones who believe in the cause so much that they’re fucking lethal with what they’ll do, what they’re capable of. Meister is true Aryan Brotherhood; he’s preparing for war. He’s the real fucking deal.”
“And now he’s in our neck of the woods to stir up shit?” I asked.
Tanner nodded. “Comes from northern Texas. Never moved our way before. But the Klan are building day by day, joining forces with other white supremacist gangs—like the Brotherhood—and with the shit that’s on the news twenty-four-seven, blacks and whites at each others throats, he’s moved to the headquarters.” The brother’s jaw clenched. “To my father and uncle, who’ll be protecting him from being found out by the feds.” He sighed and ran his hand down his face. “From what I can figure out, this ghost-town brothel of his has only existed in the last year or so. He’s looking to fund something.”
“They ain’t dealing guns?” Cowboy drawled. “I thought that’s what Rider said the contract with the cult was for?”
“Rider was sure it was guns. At least it was when he was dealing with the Klan—it was all about arms. The Klan was selling them on and taking a cut.”
“His fucking twin,” Hush spat. “He changed the arrangement, didn’t he? When Rider was locked up in cult prison?”
“Think so,” Tanner said after a few seconds of silence.
“Then what the fuck are they dealing? What was Judah giving them if not Israeli guns?”





Cover Reveal: Stepbrother Anonymous by Aria Cole



Coming April 24th




Love is for suckers.

That’s always been Hudson Farrow’s take on it. His mother has practically made a career out of saying I do, which is why he’s found himself in another upstate town, preparing to watch her walk down the aisle with another yacht club asshole, nursing his cynicism with Scotch at another lonely dive bar. A sassy siren that sets his blood on fire wasn’t part of the plan, neither was a new stepsister, and now Hudson’s a man with a problem because he’s just found out they’re one in the same.

Skylar Walsh never thought the one and only man she’s ever brought home would turn into anything beyond a few orgasms. Until six-foot-four, sinfully sexy, talented and tattooed sweeps her off her feet–and right between his thighs–on his custom Harley. When Hudson demands her phone number before the night’s over she knows she’s in for a wild ride. When she runs into him at her father’s wedding the next day she realizes she may have just made the biggest mistake of her life. A dozen sheet-clenching, toe-curling, and soul-shatteringly good times in the last twenty-four-hours.

Warning: Hudson is hellbent on his Sky, and he won’t let a little thing like I do come between them. Filthy-sweet tattooed hearts, perfectly placed piercings that hit all the right spots, and love and fate inked so deep no force can keep them apart. Hold onto your hearts because Stepbrother Anonymous stole mine! xo Aria


Aria Cole is a thirty-something housewife who once felt bad for reading dirty books late at night, until she decided to write her own. Possessive alpha men and the sassy heroines who love them are common, along with a healthy dose of irresistible insta-love and happily ever afters so sweet your teeth may ache.

For a safe, off-the-charts HOT, and always HEA story that doesn’t take a lifetime to read, get lost in an Aria Cole book!
Follow Aria on Amazon for new release updates, or stalk her on Facebook and Twitter to see which daring book boyfriend she’s writing next!

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Review: Damnable Grace ( A Hades Hangmen Novel) by Tillie Cole


ARC generously provided by author in exchange for an honest review.

Damn, let me wipe my fucking tears and gather my thoughts so I can give this story the review it deserves. This is the 5th (1,2,3,4, 5th) installment of the Hades Hangmen and I only fall deeper in love with this MC each time I read another story. AK and Phebe’s story pulled me in immediately. The book started strong and stayed strong through the very last word. AK and Phebe were two parts of one soul and understood each other in ways that no one else in their worlds did. In previous books, each of these characters played small auxiliary roles and we knew of them, but knew very little about them and their lives. This book delves into who they are and how they became those people. Their connection is instant and genuine. Tillie does a sort of instalove, but in a way that makes absolute sense and is completely authentic. As these characters fell in love, I fell in love along with them. AK and Phebe were so perfect for each other and I was rooting for their success throughout the book. We also got to see a little more of the Psycho Trio and really got to know Flame even deeper. And can I say how much I LOVE Flame’s crazy ass. He is such a sweet psycho and his love for Maddie drives his every action. This story has EVERYTHING. I laughed out loud, I cringed in shock and pain, I cried tears of sadness, and finally tears of joy. Basically, if you have read the series up to this point, KEEP READING. If you haven’t read any of this series, you are missing out on life. And Tillie just keeps it coming. So freaking consistent. TILLIE COLE IS A POWERHOUSE!!

5 stars



So its 3:45 in the morning and I just finished this book. WoW!!!! I feel a serious book hangover coming on. This. Book. Phebe and AK’s stories were heartbreaking. With this being the 5th book, I didn’t think it could get any worse when it came to the trauma these women faced. But it got so much worse. Phebe had been through the ringer, and I didn’t see an end to her pain. The same went for AK, who was harboring so much anger and guilt as well. But once they were brave enough to travel those roads filled with pain, that was where the other stood. They were able to hold each other and not let go. I didn’t know what to expect at times with their story since it was pretty angsty. I enjoyed watching their relationship bloom. Even though at times it was extremely hard to watch.  Gah! This book made me cry, laugh, scream, and almost throw my kindle. Just as Jasmine said, I had a gamut of emotions while reading this. I felt crazy, like I was the 4th member of the psycho trio. Who I can’t get enough of by the way. Flame is so sweet, awkward, and crazy. Between him and Viking I died laughing. But just like with Flame’s book, the trio’s love for each other is what breaks me every time. I love them. Tillie Cole is the shit. I can’t wait for Ash’s book and Styx’s wedding. This one made me cry so its…

5 stars