January 2017

Menace (Scarlet Scars, #1)Our first book boy of the year!! This is always such an influential book boy. All book boys will be compared against him for the rest of year. There’s just something about the first!

And boy is Lorenzo Gambini a tough act to follow. He is so many things. But bat shit crazy is at the top of the list. Lorenzo doesn’t have a ton of redeemable qualities, but I love him nonetheless. He is a brash, methodical, and unapologetic killer. But he adores his brother Leo, and has this undeniable soft spot for Morgan. He fears nothing and lives life on the edge. But his human moments make him absolutely adorbs. He loves Florida oranges and Capri Suns, despises the cold, and wears glasses. I loved how he remained true to his asshole ways until the very last page.  Lorenzo is definitely a #level3 and I can’t wait until February 6th to get the rest of his story.


Lorenzo Gambini is the perfect first book boy of the month. He is so nontraditional and unpredictable. He’s rough, mean, and downright crazy, but he somehow manages to still be lovable. He is a ruthless killer with a savior complex. His personality is stand offish, but he cooks breakfast, like real breakfast with fresh squeezed orange juice. He is definitely a #level3 asshole, but one I love! I cannot wait to hear more from Lorenzo!