January 2016

The book boy of the month is Lennox Demetri from the Infidelity Series. He is everything we look for in a level 3 bb. He is sexy, dominating, and protective with a touch of *sshole. Nox is an amazing character, who jumps off the pages at the reader. He is just so yummy with those pale eyes. I can’t wait until he professes the love that I know he has for Charli. Her protection is his number 1 priority. May seems so far away, but I have no choice but to wait for more of Nox. #level3 #amreading #mybookboysbetterthanyours #whatresponsiblities #aleatha’d


Mr. Demetri! What can I say about Nox? He’s confident, sexy, protective… amazing. He is textbook #level3. I have fallen in love with Nox and cannot wait for more of him. Know him!