February 2017

SKIN (A 44 Chapters Novel Book 1) by [Easton, BB]

This was our 2nd read of the month. We finished it on the 5th. But once I finished it, there was no doubt in my mind that Knight would be crowned book boy of the month. There was no way anyone could top him. Knight was intense. He loved hard and hated even harder. Knight could be hateful, vengeful, and downright terrifying. But underneath it all, he needed to be loved. When BB loved Knight how he needed and deserved he was adorbs. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Knight anyway I could get him, but when he was happy he melted my heart. Knight in his boots and braces melted my panties. When Knight loved BB we saw his guard come down. He was so sweet with her. Knight has a special place in my heart. I just wanted to hold and protect him. He broke my heart. He continues to break my heart. He has earned a spot on my top book boys list. I love him! He was our first #level3 book boy of the year.



This was the most unexpected book boy. I was sure that I was going to hate this skinhead, but he was so much better than I ever imagined. He WAS crazy, but he loved BB with his entire being. He loved her so fiercely that it hurt, physically hurt, sometimes. When Knight was good, he was the best. He made me fall in love with him despite all his flaws. When he was bad, I wanted to do whatever it took to make him good again. Knight stole my heart and shattered it into pieces and I don’t regret it for a second. Definitely a #level3 book boy! Thank you BB!