ARC Review: All My Love by Kelli Jean

“I’ve been lonely all my life… It’s a comfortable place for me to be.”

But it’s no longer a place Devon GianFranco wants to occupy. Not since he met the brilliant music journalist and editor of Screaming Beats Magazine, Michaela O’Flaherty.
He’s been hailed as the greatest guitarist of his generation—a rock god among legends. For more than a decade, he’s traveled the world and lived for sex, drugs, and rock ’n’ roll.
Michaela’s had a front row seat to all the goings-on in the music scene for a long time. She’s seen it all—the good, bad, and ugly. She knows Devon’s past like the back of her hand and isn’t impressed.
They both know the key to surviving in this industry is to keep what matters close to the soul, hidden from the spotlight.
All he wants is to be the man to unlock Michaela’s secret heart.
There’s just one problem.
She absolutely loathes him

**ARC generously provided by author **

I didn’t realize how much I missed Our Boys until I started this book. When I read one of these books from this series, it takes over my life. Everything. Stops. I just fall into their lives. I feel like I’m part of their family. Devon was such a big part of Phil’s story, but such a mystery at the same time. This book gives us all the answers we needed and wanted. Devon was so beautiful. Inside and out! He was such a beautiful soul. If anyone deserved love, Devon did. Michaela’s past was heartbreaking. Devon was just what she needed. They were meant to be together…kismet *sigh* I love Kelli Jean’s stories of karma and fate. I’m a hopeless romantic and I can not get enough of these epic love stories. I can not get enough of our boys. This is one of my favorite series of all time. Too f*ckin’ right!

4.5 stars








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