April 2017

The Struggle (Titan, #3)

Seth has been crowned April’s book boy of the month. I hated Seth forever, but I can’t picture my book boy arsenal without him. He remains a cocky asshole, but Seth has matured tremendously. He has embraced friendship and love.  I can’t get enough of his bad ass ways. He will kill for Josie. I feel sorry for anyone who hurts what’s his. He is definitely an alpha male, whose golden eyes melt panties. I love him and he has easily become my of my favorite book boys.

#level 3


I don’t understand why Natasha hated Seth after Alex and Aiden’s series was done. Of course he was easy to hate at first, but each story we read makes him more loveable. Seth has always been gorgeous, but watching him fall in love with Josie has been amazing. He is still an asshole, but he’s an asshole who would sacrifice EVERYTHING for the woman he loves. How could you not want a man like that by your side? Definitely alpha.

Definitely #level3