The Art of Mutual Pleasure by K.A. Merikan

The Art of Mutual Pleasure

ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review

Our girls did it again. This was a quick read, but of course with any K.A. Merikan book it was filled with passion, angst, and swoon worthy moments. This was the story of Benjamin, who was ultimately trying to find himself. Even though I found myself dying laughing at Benjamin, I felt an enormous amount of empathy for him. He was pitiful and hilarious at the same time. I enjoyed his journey, and all the hot sex he had on his way to self discovery. I prayed Benjamin found his way. This was a nice short read, but it packed a punch.  K.A. Merikan are easily on our trusted authors list.

4 stars


What Natasha said! Seriously though, these ladies always deliver. I felt so bad for Benjamin as he stumbled through trying to figure out who he really was. He was so lost and really got into some uhm… interesting positions. I laughed at him, wanted to hug him and shake him all at the same time. This was a quick but entertaining read 

4 stars


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