Review: When Darkness Consumes by C.M. Radcliff

When Darkness Consumes

All it took was one night to turn her life upside down. 

With a drunken mother and an absent father, Lydia Benson finds herself alone in the world, picking up the pieces as she goes. Until she meets Ryder Owens, who threatens to break down every wall she’s built. 

With more secrets than one can count, Ryder’s mysterious past hides them well. But secrets can only be hidden for so long. With an undeniable force between them, together they fall, hitting every obstacle on the way down. 

Until that one earth-shattering night. 
The night that rips the ground from beneath their feet. 
The night when darkness consumes.

I liked the book it was crazy af. But if the writer is gonna give me a ton of dark, I’m going to need that same level of connection to the characters. When all those things were happening to Lydia, I felt like she was a stranger. Yes, I was horrified but it didn’t hit me in the gut like I expect dark romance to do. This was because the author did a lot of “tell” and not “show”. She told us about Lydia’s and Ryder’s connection. She told us about all of Lydia’s relationships. I needed more dialogue and interaction in order to feel connected to these characters. I was caught off guard  and stunned while reading this, but it didn’t shake my core. I live for dark romance and this was dark. I liked it enough to read the next one. If you love dark, read it!

-3 stars


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