Review: Church by Stylo Fantome

Church. (Church, #1)

A broken girl.

An unusual boy.

A beautiful face that hides a dark secret and an ugly past.

Sealed lips which hide wicked words and dangerous thoughts.

She would kill for him to love her.

He just wants to kill.

Maybe, if Emma Hartley prays hard enough, Church Logan can make both their wishes come true.

Fuse, meet match.

WTF did I just read?! Perfection, that’s what. When I first started this book I was under the impression that Church suffered from a disability. I thought we were in for an emotional read. I realized my mistake with the first quick look into Church’s head. Church’s head is not a pleasant place, but how I loved spending time there. He was crazier af. Yes, I mean crazier because Emma was the craziest. I honestly don’t know how I feel about loving this book. At one point in the story I was startled by how evil they were and then kind of embarrassed that I was loving it so much. I wasn’t alone though. Jasmine loved this one as well. What can I say? We thrive in the dark. Jasmine and I buddy read most of our books. We don’t discuss every book, but when we come across a five star read we have to have a conversation. During our conversation we shared our amazement at Stylo’s writing. Stylo does not make excuses for her characters. Church and Emma own who they are and could care less who they unleash their wrath on, whether sinner or saint. This book was darkness at its finest. Gah!!!! So freaking good. So freaking dark. Thank you, Stylo Fantome for delivering me into a book slump.


5 stars

I TOLD YOU Natasha!! I read this one first because Natasha was finishing up another series and she was hesitant. I said, “This book is crazy af. Hurry up and get to it so we can talk!” Like she said, we don’t always discuss books, but when it’s a 5 star read, I can’t wait to talk to her about it.

I’m not sure how Church managed to be sexy and scary in the same moment. But I LOVED it. I definitely feel like it says something about me that I loved this man so much. Church’s mind is fascinating and honestly, I would say that he is the craziest one. Emma is damaged, but her damages make her the perfect companion for Church.

This book was dark, depraved, deranged, and perfect! Stylo once again creates characters who embrace the darkness and thrive there. A MUST READ!

5 Stars



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