ARC Review: Suit by BB Easton

We were so excited to get an ARC of this book. BB is definitely a trusted author and we have loved following her story from the very first page. This is the conclusion of a whirlwind story and definitely answers the one question that’s been on our minds throughout this series, “How did crazy ass BB end up with boring ass Ken?”

BB starts this book with a warning that it will be boring, but really, when has BB EVER been boring. This story was exactly the conclusion we needed. It grabbed me from the very first word and didn’t release me until the final word. There were moments where I laughed out loud, moments that made me tear up and moments that were completely cringe-worthy. This book and entire series is a must read! My only question is, now that we’ve read about all the boys, do we get to hear more from BB? Please say this isn’t the end!

5 stars



I have been waiting to get the story on “Pajama guy” it seems like forever. It was everything I wanted it to be. BB and Ken’s story was the epitome of “opposites attracting”.  Ken and his understated gestures were just what BB needed. Even if she didn’t know it at the time. Just like Ken needed and deserved all the crazy, love, and affection BB had to offer. Their story was and is a true romance.

I loved being in BB’s head. She has been my hero since 44 Chapters. BB is fun af and she’s my bestie (in my daydreams).  I rooted for her in every book. She deserved everything good. I have not one complaint about this read. It was perfection. I’m sad it’s over. I feel really emotional… Gah! F*cking BB!

Read this book!

5 stars


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