While I Was Away by Stylo Fantome

While I Was Away

I received an ARC and started reading it immediately.  I wasn’t prepared for the confusion I felt. I love Stylo and this was so different from anything she has ever written. I walked away from this book for a few days then decided to try again, and I’m so freaking glad I did!!!!!! I absolutely loved this book. It had all the feels. This was a mystical story about soul mates and true love. Adele and Jones’ love story was a true fairy tale. The best part… Jones was a NURSE!!!! I love nurses because I’m a nurse. This is the type of book where the reader just has to let go and live inside the book. Trust me, it’ll be so worth it.

4 stars




You were in a car accident.

They say true love can last forever.

You hit your head, which caused your brain to swell.

Can span any distance, stretch across time, last beyond death.

The pressure against your skull damaged your brain.

Which leads one to wonder …

The damage left you unresponsive to most kinds of stimuli.

If you fall in love in your dreams,

And this unresponsive state is what’s known as a coma.

Can you find that love when you wake up?

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