Margot by Danielle James


This was my first read by this author and I am in awe.  I knew when I was 15% in that this book was going to be a five star read. You know the feeling you get when its still early in the book but the story is already becoming part of you and its like you feel the book on a cellular level? Then it dawns on you that this book is about to change your life, make you feel everything, and kidnap you from the real world. Yeah, that was this book.

I’m speechless right now. I didn’t know what to expect when I started this and I went in kind of blind. As I started to peel back the layers of this exceptional story I came up with many theories. Most were wrong, a few were right and even when I was right I was wrong. When I thought one thing was happening the story would take an unexpected twist or turn.  The plot was refreshing and took me on an unforgettable journey. I read a lot and I often times forget the names of characters, but when I remember them they become part of me forever. Lenoxx  and Sutton are part of me now.

Lenoxx loved Sutton like God loved the church. Baby!!!!!!!!!!! When I say he loved that woman with ev-ery-thing?! He was a whole mood, a whole man.  He had no ego, no immaturity, just steadfastness, dependability and the patience of a saint. I can’t say enough about him. Do men like Lenoxx really exist?  He was a fairytale but authentic. He was the epitome of unconditional love and it melted my heart.

This. Book.

5 stars


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