Book Boys of the Year

Kindle Cousins read over 100 books this year, so we went through and made a list of our top 10 boys of the year. There were so many amazing boys this year, that this list was tough to narrow down. Somehow we managed, and here’s our ranking. Who were your favorite book boys this year?
10. Nicholas : The Bet Series by Francette Phal–“Gun Metal Grey” became my new favorite color after meeting Nicholas. Nicky was treacherous when it came to protecting his family. He was a sexy as hell alpha, that jumped off the pages into my heart. He became one of my all time fav book boys. #level3Natasha
9. Tax : Debt by Nina G. Jones — Tax stole into Mia’s life in the dark of night literally. His intentions were to avenge his family and kill her, but somewhere along the way he fell in love. Tax was aggressive, possessive, dangerous and sexy. A heady combination sure to make anyone swoon. #level3 -Jasmine
8. Sloane : Incendiary by Kathryn Kelly — I live for a “rock star” trope, but after awhile they’re all the same. Sloane was on an island all alone though. He was tortured and alienated but he still found it in himself to love and protect Georgie. He was an alpha, with a tattooed back to die for. He and Georgie’s story was epic. #level3  -Natasha
7. Roth : The Dark Elements series by Jennifer L Armentrout —  Sarcastic, arrogant, and sexy, sounds like the formula for a good book boy. Roth, though an arrogant demon managed to always put Layla first. Arrogant and sexy, but always puts his woman ahead of himself? Yes please! Sometimes it feels like JLA is writing just for us. #level3  -Jasmine
6. Maddox : Stain by Francette Phal —  Wow! Another book boy by FP. He was tortured, sexy, evil and tattooed. He. killed. for her. Maddox was such a bad boy, and they are my favorite. I fell in love with him @ 10%.  #level3 -Natasha
5. Flame : Souls Unfractured by Tillie Cole — Flame was much anticipated. We had been waiting to get inside his crazy thoughts since we were first introduced to him. Flame was the executioner. He handled business, and wasn’t clean about it. He was tortured but never took his eyes off Maddie from the moment he saw her. He was her protector and was willing to face his demons to make sure she was safe and happy. Crazy? Yes. Obsessive? Yes. Amazing? Yes! #level3 -Jasmine
4.Daemon : Oblivion by Jennifer L Armentrout— Another one from JLA.  I feel like I’ve been talking about DB all month, but I never get tired. ‘He will burn down the world to save Katy’ , it doesn’t get better than this. I will love this green eyed arrogant *sshole until the end of time. I will contiue to re read the Lux series just so I can experience DB over and over. He is definitely listed in my all time favs. #level3 – Natasha
3. Domenico : Boys N Guns by K.A. Merikan — Of course Dom is #3, as Jasmine reminded me, he took me somewhere I thought I never wanted to go. This was my first experience with m/m, and Domenico did a number on me. He mesmerized me, just writing about him has me wanting to re read this series again and start stalking the authors for the next installment. Domenico has this presence about him. He’s immaculate and lethal. Sexy doesn’t come close to describing Dom. Okay, that’s enough because I can go on and on. #level3 Natasha
2. Mercy : Fearless by Lauren Gilley — Mercy, Mercy, Mercy… I love Mercy, Felix if you will. I can hear his heavy voice with his strong, sexy, cajun accent. Mercy takes me there every single time. Can I be his fillette?  But seriously, he’s strong, powerful and gentle, a gentle giant. I just need him to speak to me in french, and I’ll have all his huge, cajun babies. I cannot get enough Mercy. I’m gonna let you get to Ryder, but let me savor all that is Mercy for just a moment. #Mercyisbae #level3 Jasmine
1. Ryder : Seducing Destiny by Amelia Hutchins — Ryder is everything you could dream of from the ideal book boy and then some. He’s our #1 book boy of the year because he is magical, no but he’s literally magical. Just imagine it for a second. He has an infinite number of…extremities. Who can compete with that? Add to that his aggressive, possessive, cocky attitude and you have a perfect book boy. But wait! There’s more. You can’t forget the Horde King! Ryder has a literal monster inside and when he’s let loose… yeah. #level3-Jasmine
Where does one start when discussing our #1 book boy of the year ? Ryder is so real to me. Am I crazy? I interact with him on fb, the hubs knows all about Ryder, and I wish The Horde King will show me all his magic. Ryder is loyal to the Horde, his brothers and Synthia. He is all alpha, and his golden eyes break me everytime. In the words of Ristan… ‘He’s Ryder‘, and that’s all the explanation you need. If you love sexy, controlling, magic weilding book boys, Ryder is it. I have read this series numerous times just so I can spend quality time with Ryder…lol. He is a #level3 and he doesn’t make any excuses. Ryder is number one because, he wouldn’t accept anything less. #level3 #number1bboftheyearNatasha

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