Reign by Jessica Gadziala

So this was our first read of 2016 and it wasn’t at all what I expected. I expected  solid character development and a compelling plot that pulled me in. Instead I got this… Let’s start with the character development. It was non existent. I kept asking myself, “Who are these people?”. I felt like I had to use my knowledge base on MC presidents and their old ladies to fill in the the empty canvases that were these characters. The characters could have been so much more developed had the author used the “show” vs “tell” method. Reign and Summer were in love after the 2 wks they spent together, but the reader experienced none of that.  There were no real conversations between the MCs until 71%. Their first kiss came out of nowhere with absolutely no angst leading up to it. The cliches were too many to count.  At 64 % I was happy when Summer decided to take herself out of the equation. I feel bad, but its true. The plot twists were ridiculous. But the funny thing is, I was determined not to DNF our first read of the year, so I kept at it. Had Reign been more developed every time he said “eyes”, I would have melted. The sex was hot and the supporting characters were fun. Cash had more personality in his smile than Reign and Summer put together.

2.5 stars


This was the perfect book to start 2016. Last year we started way too strong, and were chasing that Ryder high all year. From this, we can only go up! This book lacked proper character development, and like Natasha said, I had to rely on my knowledge of MCs. If this was my first MC read, I would have been so lost. There was zero angst! That first kiss was like, wait what? Hold up what? Then the plot twists were so crazy, but because we weren’t invested in the characters, it was just ridiculous. I did enjoy Wolf, with as few words as he said, and Cash. And the sex was hot, but the characters were so forgettable.

2.5 stars


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