Middle of the Knight (Jack and Jill Series #2, by Jewel E. Ann)

I just wanted to crawl in bed and cry when I finished this story. Jillian is a survivor, but how much more can she take? She fits right in with the rest of the disturbed heroines we’ve read this year. This story is full of pain and sadness, but also moments full of joy. I was so engaged and invested in these characters, and I cannot wait for the next one. Plus, I LOVE Jackson, like really love him. I need more.

4 stars



I love this series. I love the writing. I am a sucker for past/present stories. These characters are so fun, even though they constantly deal with heavy issues. I fell for A.J. in this story, I saw what Jill saw in him. But the love between Luke and Jessica is a timeless, all consuming love that you can’t walk away from. I need to know! Jackson is the icing on the cake. The way he loves is just… ah! A few more weeks…

4 stars


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