Review: The Silent Waters by Brittainy C. Cherry


So many feels. This was such a beautiful story about love, loss, and perseverance. This story was brilliantly written. I was invested in these characters. I laughed and I cried ALOT. The connection between Brooks and Maggie May was so strong, so beautiful, magnetic to steal Brooks’ word. Brooks was patient, sweet and sexy. Maggie was such a strong and beautiful soul who gave as much as possible even while dealing with her own issues. Read this!

4.5 stars


I love this author. She has a way with telling heartfelt stories, with authentic characters. I loved Brooks and Maggie’s story. Their connection was undeniable. Brooks was supportive, patient, and protective when it came to Maggie. I was rooting for all the characters. I wanted their family to win. I was surprised at how neat the ending was. It seemed a bit rushed, but took nothing away from this beautiful story.

4 stars


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