Review: Guns n Boys 6:Bloodbath by K.A. Merikan

Guns n' Boys: Bloodbath (Guns n' Boys, #6)

*ARC provided by authors in exchange for honest review*


This book picks up right where #5 leaves us. Dom and Seth are fighting for the life they deserve and tearing shit up across the globe while they do it. The character development in this series is beyond. Seth and Dom are still the same at their core, but they are willing to become whatever the other needs. It’s so beautiful to watch the sacrifices they make for each other. Seth is willing to build walls, while Dom is willing to shatter them. Seth is a beautiful soul, willing to get his hands dirty and become what he hates. Seth is so freaking lovable but deadly if the situation calls for it. Dom is an alpha male who’s husband is his weakness. But the thing about Dom having a weakness is, it makes him more lethal. Under no circumstances should anyone ever test him. He comes with a danger sign. Dom and Seth are determined to keep their family safe and intact. Mark has matured and grown into what Dom intended. I’m so happy for OUR family. With every story in this series, the sex becomes hotter, the violence scarier, and the love more real.  I absolutely adore these boys. I am so glad I started this series. Dom and Seth’s love story is epic. Oh… and I don’t know who dafaq Diego is, but he needs to heed my warning. Under NO circumstances should ANYONE test Domenico!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5 stars


We have been reading these boys through their ENTIRE journey. It is easy for a series to get old or boring. This series continues to bring excitement and suspense each and every installment. Because we’ve been with them from the start, I feel like a member of their little family. I am honored to be a witness to the growth of Mark into a man and to the growth of Seth into someone who does what it takes to care for his family. K.A. has managed to find the balance between keeping Seth sensitive and caring while still believably killing for his family. I am so proud of both Seth and Mark for standing firm in their convictions even when death seemed imminent. I truly love these characters and cannot wait to see what happens next. The character development in this book was beyond amazing. However, it was never slow! This book unveils the character through the action, through their decision making. They don’t tell us who these characters are, they show us. So there was explosive action, as well as hot steamy sex. With each story, I fall a little bit deeper for Dom and Seth. Their love story is one for the ages. I cannot get enough of these boys!

5 stars



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