Review: VIP Series Managed by Kristen Callihan

Managed (VIP, #2)SPOILER ALERT!!!!


This book has been on my kindle since it was released. I decided to finally read it after one of the most severe book hangovers eva!!! This book pulled me out of my funk. I loved the characters’ banter. I’m not your run of the mill contemporary romance reader. I need some trauma, drama, or abuse. This book had none of those things. This was an okay read though. It was angsty to the point of irritating. I mean the MCs didn’t kiss until after 60%. I get it…this book was about intimacy and I can appreciate that. But 60%.?!  Then when they finally got together, they had to break up over the craziest thing. I hated the heroine in that moment. But Scottie was a great character throughout. He was scrumptious. I LOVE books with a rockstar trope. I wish it was played up a little more in this series. I liked this book and am grateful for the deliverance from my book hangover.

3 stars


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