Every company sets out to do one thing: win. Today, companies have to be more adaptable, innovative, and agile to meet the current and future demands of the global market. With continuous developments in technology equalizing the playing field, companies need to rely heavily on what makes them unique—their people—to maintain a competitive advantage. Numerous studies cite having an engaged workforce as the magic for generating successful business outcomes. So how can organizations create a work environment that supports authentic engagement? Engage Us Now applies simple grassroots organizing principles and techniques that organizations can easily adopt to create a dynamic culture of engagement. It is an approach that is designed to take your company beyond what is fundamental to reach full participation for the increased success of your business. Grassroots movements are built to win, inspire action, create unity around a common goal, and make a difference. Learn what the experts of people mobilizing are doing. Are you ready to engage us now

The Author, Candice N. McGlen, is an HR and talent management professional, millennial, and former grassroots canvasser. She believes that corporations have the ability to realize high levels of employee engagement by adopting principles found in grassroots organizing, weaving in a culture of purpose, and harnessing the power of people. 

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