Animal by Marni Mann



This is our first read by Marni Mann. This woman is insane. I mean, only a truly demented person could write something so complex, so twisted. First, this story was told from several different points of view and at different points in time. Second, each story had numerous twists and turns. Every time I thought I had a few answers and knew what was going on, I was thrown for another loop. Then at the end of it all, I was still left scratching my head. Like, whaaa? I have no idea what is happening! We had the pleasure of meeting Marni at Copa NY 2017, and I wish I had finished this book before I met her so I could shake her and get some answers. She was actually really sweet and so cute! But looks definitely deceive! She did say that there is another book coming, so I guess I’ll just have to hold onto hope that there will be some answers in that one.

4.5 stars



Ha! I 100% agree with Jasmine. But Unlike Jasmine, I finished the book before I met Marni. I tried the whole shake down thing, but it didn’t work. I left her table more confused than when I arrived. This. Book. WTH?! I just knew I had it all figured out. NOT!!! The twists and turns were never ending, but I couldn’t get enough. My anxiety while reading this was out of control. With so many characters and intersecting parts, it sounds overwhelming and confusing, it wasn’t. Marni Mann told this story in such a way, that I was hanging on every word. Every crumb of information was . This story had everything. Love, hot sex, alpha males, violence, and betrayal. Yes, Marni was cute, and even sweet, but she’s obviously evil as well.  That ending! I can not wait to continue this series.

4.5 stars


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