Review: Since I’ve Been Loving You by Kelli Jean

Since I've Been Loving You (NOLA's Own, #4)

There’s a saying that three is a crowd.
With her heart and soul shattered, Alys Stuart suffers in silence for a secret she’s been hiding from everyone for eight years.
Xavier “X” Johnson sees right through her facade and vows to love and cherish her until his dying breath. Because he understands what it means to have a secret that no one can ever know.
But, just as X starts to heal Alys with his love, her secret comes home—in the gorgeous form of Connor MacGregor.
How can Alys choose between the man who makes her soul soar and the man who wants nothing more than to give her the world?

We were gifted an ARC by the author in exchange for an honest review.

One of our favorite moments during #COPA17 was meeting Kelli Jean. We fangirled sooooo hard and begged to be put on her ARC list. Well, the begging worked and we got an ARC. This has been one of my most anticipated reads and it didn’t disappoint. After Phil and Kenna’s story ended, I was more than curious about Connor, Alys, and X. This story starts with the history of these three, before “NOLA’s Junk” was big. We got to experience their heartaches, accomplishments, sacrifices, and life altering decisions. We got to know these characters on a different level. X was an amazing lover, friend, and person. He deserved everything life had to offer. Alys was extremely sensitive, but her inner strength showed time and time again. She went through so much and I just wanted her to win.  Connor was so stubborn. I wanted to strangle him on multiple occasions. In the end, I rooted for him as well. Connor, X, and Alys’ story had me swooning, cringing, screaming, and crying. I knew the heartbreak would come, but I was still dealt an emotional punch when it happened. Just like with the 1st 3 books in this series, this book took over my life. Its not like these books have a ton of nail biting drama, but its just something about hanging out with “Our Boys” that I can’t get enough of. I just love being in their world. In my opinion the plot is just an added plus, because I can honestly read about them just hanging out.  Don’t get me wrong the plot was every thing I wanted, the writing flowed effortlessly, and the set up was perfect. But since I love these boys so much, I may be biased. So, you’ll have to find out for yourself and click the buying link:) Read this series.

4 stars


It was so good to be back in the world of NOLA’s Junk. I don’t even listen to metal music, but I love this band. Like Natasha said, I knew what was going to happen to X, but I was still devastated when he died. The first half of this book told his story and it made me fall so deeply in love with him. BUT Alys and Connor’s love was EPIC and transcendent. They went through so much to be together and even though I LOVED X, I was rooting for Connor and Alys to be together. This story was full of ups and downs, heart-wrenching emotions and love. Definitely a mist read series!

4 stars


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