Checking In by: Stylo Fantome

Checking In

Do you ever wonder what happens to your favorite characters after an author writes The End? 
Now is your chance to find out! Check in with a few of these wily personalities and get a sneak peek into what they’ve all been up to since this author wrote The End on them. 
Is Mischa still in Italy? 
Is Constantine still crazy? 
Are Jameson and Tate still fighting? 
We may finish books, but stories are never really over. 


The Bad Ones 

My Time in the Affair 

The Mercenaries: Law 

Muscle Memory 

Twin Estates 

The Kane Series

and a special chapter from an unpublished work – 
While I Was Away 

WARNING: This anthology was done as part of a four year publish-versary celebration. Chapters potentially contain spoilers in regards to their previously published full length editions. It is recommended to have read those editions before reading this anthology. 

It just so happens that I recently went on a Stylo Fantome binge, adding My Time in the Affair and Muscle Memory to the books I’ve read by this author. So when I came across this anthology I was excited. It did not disappoint. I loved catching up with all my beloved characters. After reading this I wanted to reread the Kane series all over. I missed Jameson and Tate so freaking much. It was great seeing Tal again, he’s as sexy as ever. While, Con is still Con…smh. Jon and Delaney are more adorable than should be allowed. I didn’t read the other stories because I haven’t read them or completed the series yet. This anthology was smart and very much appreciated. Stylo Fantome is extremely reader oriented and gives us what we want every single time.  Love her work so much!

4 stars


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