Preach by Stylo Fantome

Preach. (Church, #2)

I have been dying to get my hands on this one ever since I finished Church. I didn’t know what to expect. Could this story get any crazier? Um… yeah, it could. Church and Emma were crazier than ever and had a lot to tackle when it came to their relationship. That’s what made this book so freaking good. Here they are surrounded by blood, murder, and mayhem but through it all they’re focused on their relationship issues. It made for an engaging and comical juxtaposition. All I could do was shake my head and laugh at their antics. I admit, I laughed. This book was dark af, and I laughed because dark romance is my happy place. But nothing, and I mean nothing topped Jerry. Oh. My. God. He was the epitome of an insane loving father. Gah! I loved their crazy.

4 stars


A shattered woman.

A changed man.

Church Logan wanted to kill someone, and Emma Hartley wanted to die – they were a match made in hell.

But one little cut, a pint or two of blood, and suddenly everything between them is different.

Are they still destined for greatness? Or has the darkness finally eclipsed them and torn them apart?

Looks like it’s time for Church to practice what he preaches.

Ignition, meet explosion

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