My Love Wasn’t Meant For You by B. Love

My Love Wasn't Meant For You

How the heck did B. Love do that in less than 150 pages?! First of all the plot and setting  were astounding. I can not say this enough, I love when books take me somewhere I’ve never been before.  It’s one of the main reasons I read. This book definitely did the job.

Based on the blurb, this is an “enemies to lovers” story. This is not my favorite trope but this book felt nothing like your average “enemies to lovers” story. This was something else.  This was sexy af with a side of swoon. This was family and friendship. This was black excellence. This was yasssss bish!

I was hooked from the first page. The writing flowed fluently and allowed the reader to just fall into the book. The pacing was phenomenal. Again, this book was less than 150 pages. So the fact that every scene was perfectly placed says a lot about this author. I feel like I just read a 300 page book with all the feels I had. I swooned, laughed, got pissed, and swooned again.

I live for character driven stories. I felt like I knew these characters.  Jacintha and Mekhi were extremely approachable and authentic. The character development that occurred in this short story was beyond. Not only did we get to know the MC’s but  numerous supporting characters as well. I am in complete awe of this author’s writing. Like, wow.

This was my first read by B. Love. It will not be my last.

4 stars



Mekhi Kage is every woman’s dream man. He’s suave, alpha, handsome, and wealthy. Mekhi craves control, and he likes everything to go his way. As the founder of For The People multimedia company, Mekhi is determined to put out quality content for his African American culture. So when BaddieBookBabe, an infamously tough book reviewer, gives a one star review to Mekhi’s most popular and highest paid author, he is determined to get her to remove the review… or join his team.

Because it’s best to keep your friends close and your enemies closer, right?

Jacintha Freeman, or the BaddieBookBabe as the literary industry knows her, is tough on books and even tougher on the authors that write them. She’s determined to make sure that Black people are portrayed in the brightest light and highest high in the books that are supposed to represent them. When she is recommended a book by Stone, a male author who stands for the complete opposite of what she believes in, Jacintha refuses to promote him as a noteworthy author – no matter how much Mekhi tries to get her to.

Because it’s best to stand firm on your values than fall for a handsome face, right?

When Mekhi offers Jacintha a job as his Top Critic, she is skeptical to accept, but does so with the intent of making the industry she loves better. As time progresses, enemies become lovers who turn to enemies and lovers all over again. Promises are made, secrets are kept, and reputations are destroyed. It comes as no surprise to anyone when their professional relationship turns personal, but will their love be able to stand when it wasn’t meant for each other to begin with?



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