Hey readers! I’m Natasha, one half of Kindle Cousins Book Blog. The last few months have been extremely trying for us all. For those of you who don’t know, I have been working as an ICU nurse on the front lines. This experience has been both rewarding and devastating. On the my most grueling days I found solace in my family and books. I ran through books but couldn’t focus long enough to write coherent reviews. I just remember the relief I felt when I was able to fall into a book for a few hours. Since I wasn’t able to review the books that fed my escapism I thought I would put together something for these authors who I am tremendously grateful for. I will post this eclectic list under #COVIDChronicles with a few words about each book and the star review. Thank you to each and every author on this list. You made my days a little brighter.

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