The Monarch Room by Danielle James

The Monarch Room

I so needed this escape. I have been struggling to lose myself in a book, but was able to escape into The Monarch Room. I wanted a teacher/student romance and boy did this deliver. Every time the heroine escaped into the Monarch room so did I.

4 stars


Falling in love with the girl of my dreams was supposed to be easy.
It was supposed to be romantic and cliché.

Nothing about falling for Zuri Okolo was easy though.
When I found out she was off-limits and all the rules said we shouldn’t be together,
I tried to leave her alone.

But once we’d gotten a taste of each other…
All the rules went out the window.
I had to have her.
She was mine.

Falling in love went from being romantic and cliché
To being forbidden and secretive.
But neither of us cared.

I’d break every rule in the book to be with her.
I knew she was too forbidden to hold on to…
But she was too sweet to let go.

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