Whiskey and Regret by Danielle James

Whiskey and Regret

Now. This. Evander and Xari. SMH! I’m extremely surprised my kindle did not go up in flames. This book was all the feels, hotness, and hawtness. I loved these characters. I loved the plot. I loved everything about this book.

5 stars



My entire life was planned before I was even born.
I would become a senator like my father and grandfathers.
I would keep the Freeman name as close to perfect as possible.

But when I got a divorce and ended up with full custody of my daughter,
I realized being perfect wasn’t my calling.
I had to do what worked best for me and my family.
I thought hiring a nanny would make adjusting to single-dad life easier.

I was wrong.

Nothing about hiring Xari Lucas made my life easier.
We clashed around every corner…
But she opened my eyes to things I’d been blind to all my life.

I had to stay away from her.
She was spoiled rotten.
A headache in human form.
And if I wasn’t careful, she’d become
the love of my life. 


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