Badger by C.M. McKenna


Natasha: Badger, Badger, Badger… What a disaster this story was. The story of Badger and Adrian was a tumultuous experience. Sheesh this was a heavy read that I couldn’t look away from. After I finished this book I was like, oh well. So I went on about my routine and hours later the ending hit me and I was devastated. Badger wasn’t my ideal book boy, but he weaseled his compulsive self right into my heart. Obviously I fell for him along the way. This story was literary fiction, so there wasn’t a ton of dialogue. I haven’t really read literary fiction since I started reading heavy again in recent years. This story was riveting and I enjoyed it so much. Even though it hurt to read, I’m so glad I met the Badger.


Does The Badger qualify as a book boy?

Of course! Badger is the one that changes you. Most of our book boys are the fantasy. Badger is the reality. Badger is the one you think you can change or the one who is terrible for you, but you think he’s good enough. Without a Badger, you don’t recognize your worth.

C.M. McKenna does a great job creating a creating a heroine that is just the right amount of fucked up. She went through rock bottom, but is on the rise, vulnerable, but growing stronger. She’s easy to love which makes the Badger easy to hate. But he’s all the way fucked up which makes him impossible to hate at the same time.

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