Zaal (Book Boy- Reap)

Reap is a book boy hybrid. He has #level3 tendencies, yes he’s an alpha, and boy is he aggresive. But Reap requires an enormous amount of emotional and mental care like a #level2 book boy. Reap is the guy that will kill for you, but needs you to hold him as he falls apart. I fell in love with Reap at 26%, but when Talia put that man bun in his hair I. WAS. DONE. I love him as I would love a level#3 book boy. He is… for me. #OnMyForeverList


Tillie Cole does not disappoint when it comes to book boys. Zaal was an amazing book boy. Definitely a #level3 with some #level2 tendencies. He was aggressive and extremely protective of Talia from that very first moment. However, he needed more emotional support than a typical #level3 boy. He had to be taught about kissing and intimacy, but he was passionate and possessive from day one. Plus, he has that long hair. Love Zaal!!


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