Reap By Tillie Cole

Tillie Cole has cemented her place on my “trusted authors” list with this one. I will now read any and everything she writes, I don’t care if it’s a note on a post it. TC has a way with writing over the top stories with extremely relatable characters. I don’t know how she manages this balancing act. The story of Reap was heartbreaking, heroing, and unputdownable. Its about finding love and family in the most unsuspecting places. My only complaint was, I didn’t want it to end. I started feeling so depressed while reading the epilogue, but TC saved the day with that last page. *sigh*

I give this one 5 You are… for me stars


Tillie Cole delivers again!! Reap is an amazing story of love conquers most. I could not put this book down. TC is a master at writing stories of love that only make sense to the members in the relationship. Time and again she gives us stories that demonstrate that love will find you when you least expect it. TC also gave us more from Raze/Luka, and let us see into his growth. I was so sad that this story was ending, and then TC hooked me with the final page. Now I’m already dying for the next story!

5 stars!


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