A Demon’s Dark Embrace

I was so excited to finally get to know the Demon. The story of Ristan and Olivia starts of extremely slow, as Ms. Hutchins gives alot of background info. The information session is fine for those who haven’t read The Fae Chronicles, but for someone like me who has not only read them, but re-re-read them, the info was tedious. I just wanted to jump in, totally selfish, I know. So once we got pass the information session, I was in Demon Heaven…lol. The story of Ristan and Olivia was steamy and action packed. They were hilarious when fighting their attraction to each other. Once Ristan and Olivia gave in, their relationship was so adorable and HAWT. I loved their banter. I felt like I needed more at times while reading, but in the end I was totally satisfied with the story.

I give it four stars.


I love Ryder and Synthia and could not wait to get into Ristan’s head. Like Natasha said, the book starts off very slow, but it was good to hear what really happened in the Guild when Ristan was being tortured. Once we got past the background, Ristan and Olivia’s story was sweet and hot all at the same time. We got to see Danu in a different light as well, and she was crazy! I only wish that we had gotten to hear Ristan’s demon in the same way we got to experience the Horde King inside of Ryder.

I give it four stars.


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