Maddox (Book Boy-Stain)

Maddox… Maddox was all the way crazy. He had a horrible childhood, and turned off all emotion besides anger until Aylee came into his life. Somehow, Aylee broke down all of his walls and showed him that he could still love. I’m not sure what this says about me, but I love a book boy who is prepared to kill for his woman if necessary. Even with his propensity toward violence, Maddox was gentle and loving toward Aylee.

Maddox is 100% a level 3 book boy.


Maddox is the quintessential level 3 book boy. He had everything you expect from a level three and more. I fell in love with him, just like Aylee. He was brutal towards everyone but Aylee. The gentleness he had when it came to Aylee made me melt. And Good LORD!, don’t get me started on those library and bedroom scenes, Maddox was HAWT!

Level 3 all the way!!!!!


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