November 9 (by Colleen Hoover)

I had this book on my kindle since the day it was released. I was apprehensive about reading this because I have a love/meh relationship with contemporary romance. I either love them or “meh” them. I need a side of emotional, physical, and/or psychological tragedy when reading this genre.  I really loved this book until 67%, then the “meh” kicked in. I didn’t understand the point of the “Jordan/Oliver” situation. It was really pointless, especially when we heard nothing else about them after the reveal. Then there was the big twist, which I figured out early on, I felt like the twist was enough drama. The idea of this story spoke to “the hopeless romantic” in me. It was beautifully written and I wish the “meh” never showed up, but since it did I’ll give this…

4 stars


This book came out at a difficult time for the kindle cousins, so it got pushed back again and again. When I finally got to it, I had low expectations because contemporary romance novels tend to be too sweet. Especially following the gritty, Stain, I was expecting this to be super bright and soft. However, when I started reading this, I devoured it. I finished it in one day because these characters were so well written. I agree that the Jordan/Oliver drama seemed forced, but overall it was a good story.

4 stars


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