Muslim (Book Boy F*ck Love)

It would be remiss of us if we neglected to mention Muslim. Muslim was a level 3 all the way. He just slunk into Helena’s life and slunk back out, but he made huge impression on her. I want more Muslim! Why is he on the run?

#level3 #moremuslim


His appearance was short lived, but his impact was lasting. I need more of him. Please Tarryn!!!!!!!!!!

#level3 #moremuslim



  1. So… Muslim was mentioned at the end of Marrow…

    “A man is at large tonight in Washington,” the reporter says. I glance at the bathroom door, and scoot forward ‘til my rear is barely on the couch. “Cult leader Muslim Black escaped his Minnesota compound last week when police arrived to arrest him. He is said to have fled to Spokane, where police are searching for him now. During Black’s twelve-year reign as leader of the Paradise Gate Group, he reportedly raped and kept more than three dozen women prisoner…”


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