Never Never #3

So glad I read this series in one month. Had I waited 6 months or more to get my answers I would have been p*ssed. I’m still disappointed, but at least I’m not p*ssed. The answers to my questions were dismal with a cute undertone. The cliffhangers in the first two books were heart stopping and the answers were meh. I still loved Silas and Charlie, but I expected more, needed more. And the question of the dirt and blood was never answered… I give this book 3 stars…


Ugh, this final part was so disappointing. The build up was so intense and the ending was so cheesy. After 2 debilitating cliffhangers, I was expecting a huge climactic ending. What I actually got was a disappointing, anti-climactic, but cute ending. Charlie was ok, but I did love Silas. He was so sweet and desperately loved Charlie.

3 stars


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