Nox/ Mr. Demetri (Book Boy Infidelity Series)

mr. demetri

Nox is a carefree, sexy af, man. He was so sweet with Charli and just fun to be with. We need Nox to balance Mr. Demetri. Mr Demetri is the epitome of a level 3. He is so yummy. He is the hawtness in this series. I can’t wait to get more of him…

level 3


The Nox/Mr. Demetri paradox is the perfect combination of a man. He’s sexy and sweet, but can dominate a situation when necessary. Nox is sweet and tender, but Mr. Demetri is a level 3 to the max. He’s a level 3 with Charli, but also in his business. He is like a box with a lock and a peephole. He can be so open with what he wants to be seen, and so locked up about his secrets. I need to know everything about him…Everything.



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