His Favorite Color is Blood (by K.A. Merikan)

First, thank you to K.A. for so generously giving us this ARC. We love your stories and were so excited to read this one.

This book was sooo amazing. The nice thing about the Sex and Mayhem series is that each story stands alone, but are tied together. This story tied elements of other books together seamlessly. Have you ever met a ruthless killer who was also a vegetarian? Even with all of the gruesome details, there was such gentleness and love in Grim and Mischa’s story. Though their relationship was unique, they dealt with issues that are common in all relationships. Grim suffered through great trauma as a child, and rescued Mischa from what seemed to be a desperate and hopeless situation. They fumbled through each of their own insecurities and found true love. The end was so suspenseful, I was rushing through that last few pages to see what would happen.

K.A. delivered another great story!

4 stars!!


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