Review: Target on Our Backs by JM Darhower

Woo!!! It took me a while to get into this. First of all I didn’t remember anything of substance from the first two books. I just knew I loved Naz, but I couldn’t tell you why. @ about 65%. I started to remember everything. And I fell in love with Naz’s quirky ways all over again. I wish I had known this was being released, because I could have refreshed. I felt disconnected from the characters for most of this book. But once I connected it was a 3.5 star read. Karissa and Naz were so adorable. But my heart beat for Lorenzo for some strange reason. I like him. And I want to get to know him better.

3.5 stars


Okaaay. Heartbeat for Lorenzo? I’m going to revisit that…
I also had a difficult time getting into this story. I forgot a lot of the previous pieces. I could only vaguely remember the relationship between Naz and Karissa, but I knew I loved Naz. It started to pick up just before it was over and the last 30% was very good. It definitively felt like the end. There was resolution and harmony.
Now Lorenzo… was certifiable. He was too crazy for me! And I usually like a little crazy! But he was a great character, and I did feel connected to him. Could there be more Lorenzo in the future?

3.5 stars


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