Review: Calico by Callie Hart



I live for Callie Hart’s bad boys. Callan was rough around the edges, but bad… no. This was an enjoyable easy read. It didn’t pack the punch that I’ve come to equate with Callie Hart. The characters were likeable, but I felt slightly disconnected from them at times. I enjoyed this book and will continue to support Callie.

3.75 Stars


Callie Hart has penned some of my favorite bad boys, so anything she releases is met with high anticipation and expectations. While this story was good, it was a departure from my original expectations. Callan was sexy and he really loved Coralie. He wasn’t a bad boy though. This was definitely an enjoyable read. It wasn’t just another love story.  There were some dark moments and some hot moments. All together a decent book.

3.5 stars



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